Litter Prevention...through Education and Action

Research and experience prove that litter intentional or unintentional pollution resulting from consumer waste products being carelessly handled or improperly disposed attracts more litter. A clean community, by contrast, discourages littering and raises local living standards and quality of life.

Action:  Adopt A Street Program

Local individuals, organizations or businesses can "Adopt-a-Street" in their neighborhood.  It's a fun way to keep your area litter-free and help our community at the same time.

Click Here to Adopt-a-Street


Cleans adopted street  Mars Hill Rd in100 degree heat

Action:  Florence Police Department Anti-Litter Campaign

Report a Litterbug Hotline     

CALL   (256) 768- 2728

Tag Number       Where           No Name

The Florence Police Department is asking motorists to give them a call when you witness a litterbug.  You don't have to leave your name and can remain completely anonymous.  All we need is a tag number, where the incident occurred and it will be investigated by the Community Policing Unit.